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Beckham last game with Real Madrid

Former England captain David Beckham said Thursday he would have loved to stay on at Real Madrid but has no plans to reverse his decision to move to Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of the month. “I made my decision to leave because my contract was ending and the club was not going to renew it but I would have loved to play two or three more years for Real Madrid,” he told his final news conference with the club.”It makes me sad to be leaving Real Madrid. I have not won anything during my four years here but I hope that will change on Sunday, however I don’t regret my decision to leave,” the 32-year-old added. Many says that the choice going to LA was his wifes idea and with the house bought and everything next to Tom and Kate, I don’t think they are going to change their decision.Beckham stunned the world by announcing in January that he had signed a five-year deal, which could potentially be worth up to 250 million dollars (188 million euros) with US side LA Galaxy. Its fun watching Beckham playing for Real and without my brother who’s in Ireland right now that means I have to watch alone this Sunday. This one last game I’m not going to miss. Do u think he should move? love to hear your comments.


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