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Lewis Hamilton two in a row

The victory, which was the first for a British driver in the USA since John Watson won at Long Beach in 1983, also saw Hamilton extend his championship lead over Alonso to ten points with just three weeks to go before his home race in Britain.

Hamilton started the race from pole position and held on until the finishing line. Even though he went into the pit he still came out as leader and Alonso is sure mad about it. At one point he pushed his car too hard and went into the grass and could do nothing about it. in the end finishing second place.



Hamilton recently heard that Tiger Woods was playing in the US Open and was told that the No.1 golfer was following his career. “He’s a cool dude,I’ve always wanted to meet him.I’m honoured he said some good things about me and has been taking notice of what I’ve been doing.I don’t think he needs any luck I know he’s going to win the US Open “Hamilton remark on Woods.

Well yeah you are getting good right now but don’t hold your head high yet son. Its only been two race. Want to see more win in the future ok


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