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Henry exits Arsenal joining Barcelona

Thierry Henry has ended months of speculation and finally agreed to join Barcelona for a sum of 24 million euros. “Arsenal Football Club can confirm that it has reached an agreement with Barcelona for the transfer of Thierry Henry. The deal is subject to a medical and the completion of formalities,” the club said on its official website. Henry, who turned down a move to Barca after the London club lost to Frank Rijkaard’s men in the 2006 Champions League final, also added that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s failure to sign a contract extension had influenced his decision. For a player of his quality I think its better for him to leave Arsenal who played really bad in the past season. With all the young and inexperienced young players in Arsenal especially Fabregas, I hope without Arsene Wenger and Henry, one day they realized that Chelsea is a better side team than they are. So please Fabregas just shut your mouth if you lose another game with Chelsea. I’m optimistic in the future that he will leave Arsenal too.





13 Respons to “Henry exits Arsenal joining Barcelona”

  1. henry took a good desigion

  2. Henry rules, is the best soccer player in the world, anybody could win him or his team now, in BARCELONA he will be champion plenty of times, doing a fantastic tournament and also doing much goals

  3. we all need 2 move on with tings in life just like VA VA VOOM going to a team with show offs like ronaldinho wich i call the pregnant cow and the pregnant pig etoo and the pregnant horse Puyol and the pregnant dog Frank riikjard

  4. u took a good dicision to play in spain.
    Watch out there r tuff players out there henry.
    I wish u best of luck

  5. henry was good player bat without arsenvanger he could not play good his chois was teribell i mean barcelona ilove him but tis is fact

  6. he´s a right good man..i´ll miss him at arsenal…but he did what he thought was right and thats what matters aint it?

  7. sport

  8. hello i’m from BRAZIL i like you he’s a right good man my brother liked you much.kiss

  9. hey I think all of this bad. Who’s the one who wrote the first comment he’s an idiot. Fabrgas is the man so shut up.

  10. it kinda sucks that he’s leaving arsenal cuz thats my fav team but i know that him and ronaldinho are going to tear it up!

  11. well the thing is henry is stupid moving but as an arsenal youth its the best thing that could happen cause as much as i respected the guy as a player he was a cunt in training, always putting people down so… so long henry

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