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My Trip to Al-Ain


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Last week my family and I went for a roadtrip to a city called Al-Ain in the Emirates.The city is known as the oasis because the city was built around the oasis which i don’t  know hot it got to be there.we arrived in the afternoon and it was easy to get around because I have been there a couple of times.  I was really excited at the same time because the place we were staying had a short par 3 grass golf course but it wasnt the ideal course where u can unleash your game but it was fun. I played with my father and brother and all of us suddenly played very good even though we haven’t played on grass for a long time. We stayed only for a night but it was very enjoyable as you can see in the pictures I didn’t expect to have so much fun in the pool but because of the hot summer weather it was very cooling. Through out the day we went visiting around the city and find few places to eat. Overall my family and I had a great time and hopefully i can go back there once more. If u want any information or pictures please be very shy to a ask me adios amigos!


4 Respons to “My Trip to Al-Ain”

  1. Salam..

    Uci, mana gambar family yang lain?.. miss u all so much..

    -cik sue-

  2. heheheh…
    dis is more like it..

  3. siapa kah gerangan lelaki hensem tu…

  4. aya….macam best je…bile mau balik kampung…

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