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Sam Alexis Woods baby picture

 untitled2.jpg ok.jpg loklo.jpg

This is baby Sam Alexis Woods the newest member in the family. As all of you have known Tigers wife Elin just gave birth to a baby daughter just after two days Tiger finished in second place in the U.S Open. This has been an emotional and also a new beginning for Tiger as his father passed away and for himself who is now becoming a father. It is now unknown whether  Tiger is going to compete in the British Open next month in Scotland because he wants to spend time with his family especially with his new born daughter. But as one of your greatest fan I really don’t care and totally respect his decision. From all of us here in Welcome to My World we wish u all the best for your future. Enjoy!


2 Respons to “Sam Alexis Woods baby picture”

  1. Apa apa pun, jgn lupa dinner at Zahrul, and hi tea at Zul this weekend…

  2. wokeh roger n out

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