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Proposal Daisakusen-Operation Love

Yesterday i have just finished watching the last episode of this Japanese hit series which has been aired in Japan recently. We were waiting for the subs to come out for almost three days which was very unusual but the guy who was making the sub couldnt complete in time because he was crying every 5 minutes and took him extra three days to finish it off. Anyway we finally got to see it before my brother was leaving for Malaysia on that same day. Just in time i guess. For those who are interested in Japanese drama or series can go to d-addicts.com.

The story is about 5 childhood friends growing up together and faces many challenges through the process. However one of the character Rei( played by a beautiful Nagasawa Masami) had a crush with Iwase Ken(Yamashita Tomohisa). Days goes by and Rei is about to get married to another man. Before the wedding ceremony a fairy appears and help Ken to go back in time to win Rei’s heart back.But every time he goes back there is always things that didn’t went right.Im sorry I cant tell u anymore its just too sad huhuhuhuhuhu


2 Respons to “Proposal Daisakusen-Operation Love”

  1. mmm..interesting. I dint know yezzabebeh watches this sort of movie man. The chicks are cute though, but the jap guys…whats with their hairs??

  2. this is japanese psycho hair hahahaha sekali sekala layan heheheh

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