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Malouda exits Lyon joining Chelsea

Thanks to God Almighty French midfileder Florent Malouda has confirmed he is joining Chelsea. My premonition has become true.I said so many times if I watch tv and said “if only Malouda can join Chelsea kan best”hehehe.Sources said he has been linked a move to Liverpool but totally not interested because Liverpool is not a good team. He has talked to Jose Maurinho and the management that he cant carry on with Lyon even though Lyon has been national champion for six times.

If he does move to Chelsea it will be one of the third biggest signing by Chelsea. Chelsea has bought three players from Lyon over the years, two of the them is Michael Essien and of course Didier Drogba. I dont think he will have a hard time settling in Chelsea with other such as Makalele and also Lasana Diarra. Chelsea has been home to many French players do u remember Marcel Desailly, Frank Lebouef and also French captain Deschamp.

However with the likely Malouda coming to Chelsea I think Jose strategy is going to get easier. With Joe Cole on the right, Drogba as striker and forward midfielder Lampard supporting through the middle many teams will be nervous even before the game started. Alex you think u got another Portuguese coming into your team just so that Christiano has a friend to talk to you think you can win?. Two is not enough Chelsea have the French revolution to take you down.


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