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Women’s Tennis

I dont know about you guys but I think these are the best looking women tennis players in the tournament right now. I hate to say this but you don’t have to look beautiful to play the game but sometimes I think it is necessary hehehehe… For instance Maria Sharapova currently ranked number 2 in the world is now being sponsored by Nike, has her own fashion label, part time model, and has been getting more publicity and more money than she earned by playing tennis. The funny thing is she haven’t won any major tournament until last year which is the U.S Open. Endorsement is a must right now for a beautiful tennis player and a target for companies to sell of their products. Its not just tennis its an industry.I know this is what you are waiting for however this are my picks and hope this doesn’t disappoint you.

Ana Ivanovic Maria Sharapova Daniela Hantuchova  Nicole Vaidisova Elena Demienteva

These are my favourites to watch,win or lose doesnt matter just enjoy the match!


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