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Harga rokok naik lagi

British American Tobacco announces that the price of rokok will go up again. This will be a heartbreaking news for all addicted smokers out there. They say its because of the taxes that the government implies recently.

For a pack of 25 it cost Rm 7.30 , and for a pack of 20 it will cost RM9.20 whereas 14 will cost from Rm 5.00 to Rm 6.70

So the problem is now to continue or quit smoking, that is the question. For many I guess it will be very hard to quit but for some if this is the case maybe its better to stop. The other question is what is the government trying to do by raising the taxes? Now the BAT had to review their prices and sell it higher.

Dont bother to fight the government the next thing they will do is compare how lucky Malaysian are with other countries such as the U.K or the U.S. Whatever man utilitarianism told us its better to smoke rather than taking up drinking or taking drugs.

theres an old saying “kamu ni kecik-kecik dah isap rokok” cikgu cakap. ” ye la daripada saya isap ganja baik saya isap rokok” kata murid itu kepada cikgu.

Mampos la cam ni!


3 Respons to “Harga rokok naik lagi”

  1. fact is it won’t make smokers quit smoking….smokers will end up dying broke, not cancer…

  2. huish………. seb baik aku isap marlboro lights……… kalau naik gak, terpaksalah aku beli sheeshaaaaa….. ekonomi arrr…..

  3. daripada kerajaa bagi subsudi minyak baik bagi subsidi rokok murah sikit membantu rakyat confirm sokong BN nhahahahahah

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