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Wimbledon Championship results

I have been watching the Wimbledon these past few days and it is quiet frustrating because there is a lot of rain delay during the game and some matches took more than 2 days to finish. So I missed some of them but it was ok since i didn’t missed the important and favorite one.

So today after a lot of rain in English summer weather the game has come to its peak. During the course of the tournament a few unexpected seeded players were out of the championship  which was very hard to accept such as Gonzales,James Blake, Hewitt, and recently yesterday Roddick. For the women theres a lot of surprises as well for those who went out of this tournament such as Mauresmo, Sharapova, Jankovic and Ivanovic.

So the women final is tomorrow Saturday between Venus Williams and Bartolli  whereas the men on Sunday. The men are still in the semis but my pick would be Nadal vs Federer for the final again and again. Hopefully if everything is ok I’m going to see Federer and Nadal in Dubai Open and also my old friend Tiger Woods by beginning of next year can’t wait!!!

Marion Bartoli     VS  Venus Williams


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