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Look at it this way the Asia Cup has gone its way and 16 Asian countries who have qualified are now fighting their way to be King of Asia. For many, a lot of people have placed their bet on Asian world cup qualifiers such as Japan and South Korea. But other teams such as Iran and Saudi could also make their way through. But out of all odd if there is someway or some other miracles out there that I could see Malaysia going at least to the quarter finals would make my dreams come true. Im really hoping they are going to play thier best. As one of your supporter please Malaysia just once try to win this Asian Cup don let us down no more stupid excuses we want to see result. I will update with the progress of the Malaysian team until the end. Tolong la Malaysia kate Malysia boleh jangan maksud tu boleh sampai situ je .To see the countries competing please read more

Malaysia Australia Indon Nipon Oman Thailand Vietnam Bahrain Iran Korea Qatar U.A.E China Iraq Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan


Satu Respons to “AFC ASIAN CUP 2007”

  1. malaysia boleh….kalah…

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