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Federer wins Wimbledon


Nadal has given everything and he could do nothing about it to beat the No.1 seed Roger Federer. Federer has won the same equal record to Bjorn Borg’s for fifth consecutive WImbledon title and he is not stopping there. I watched the whole game last night and both men were giving the best fight ever. But in the 4th set Nadal ask for a time out when he was leading 4-1 game to Federer because he some sort of twist his right knee but he went on to win and made it to the final set. Federer wasn going to let the mental side of Nadal to beat him and he went all the way to win the championship point which he himselves couldnt beliwve it. Well bad luck Nadal its ok you are only 20  and there is still many  years ahead waiting for you. For Federer I almost felt that he was losing the match but he kept going through.Well if its going to be them in the final every year of every Major championship its going to be boring… want to see someone else beat Nadal or Federer.To see more pictures please read on…

Mirka and Federer Nadal Federer reaction good job man


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