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AFC ASIAN CUP 2007 China 5-1 Malaysia

Memang sakit hati nak tulis ni.I was very excited and anxious to get home because Malaysia was playing against China in the Asian Cup today. But i missed the first half because i got a stupid test which I did it in 45 minutes and quickly went home. Anyway when the game started China was 3 goals up. I was frustrated but held my emotions. However 15 minutes later China scored again which really makes me angry because it was our home ground. But then Malaysia had to change tactics.Akmal Rizal who I didnt realized was playing got substituted with Indra Putera Mahyudin. By 8 minutes later Malaysia got thier first goal! The scorer Indra who I saw smoking outside in KLIA scored when HAirudin Omar gave a short pass outside the box and curl in to the left post of the goal. I was jumping on my seats and crying. But later China was dominating again and scored 80th minutes. Damn.The national team looked like prisoners with black stripes.Anyway I was impressed on how Malaysia was holding the center midfield but of course they  couldnt sustained even for  5 minutes. Later on 2 minutes before the game ended another careless goal again by Wong Dong. I am so frustrated the way the keeper was playing ..Azizon. He was over confident all the time and it make me sick. Akmal who was ball watching all the time did not even make a single try. It was only our Malaysian Zidane Indra Putera had make an impact through the game. The midfield was a disaster which gave to much cheap balls to the Chinese. You are supposed to pass the ball to you teammates not your opponent. But with the like of Dong who played for Man Utd and Sun Ji Hai for Man City their qualities are beyond the Msian team. Overall Im happy to see Malaysia did their best to get a goal. After this Malaysia will play Iran and UZbekistan who are majority 6 footers. Mampos semua tinggi2.Sakit hati je tengok Msia main.


Satu Respons to “AFC ASIAN CUP 2007 China 5-1 Malaysia”

  1. those morons could not even made a good pass, what more to shoot…Malaysia should quit soccer…

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