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The Beckhams arrived in L.A

The English midfielder arrived in L.A last night which caused a frenzy among the fans who waited for hours at the airport terminal.David, casually dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt, waved and smiled at a crowd of around 300 fans crammed outside the airport terminal.His wife Victoria, wearing a black dress, killer heels and giant sunglasses, kept her head down and sported her trademark pout.The Beckhams’ sons – Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 4 and Cruz, 2 ½ years old – were escorted out of the airport via a different route.

Police were all over the place and paparazzi were trying to get a glimpse shot on the new 11 million pad they bought next to Tom and Kate’s house.I guess if their children ever get bored with their own swimming pool they could always go next door.

Bechkham was said to be excited to start his new life in the U.S and I dont think he needs time to adapt because mama Posh already took care of that. I really hope Capello knew why he was fired by Real Madrid’s chairman,not because he wasn’t good but to put Beckham on the bench and made Beckham moved to La Galaxy thats why. Some said the club lost millions of euro of revenues from David. I hope David will be happy there because I’m your greatest fan.

To see more pictures of their arrival click>>> The car has arrived Cruz,Beckham and Brooklyn


Satu Respons to “The Beckhams arrived in L.A”

  1. forget beckham and victoria, lets hit hammer gym………

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