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Going back Home!


As I am writing this, it is exactly another 48 hours before I am going to board the flight back home to Malaysia. It is very hard to explain the feelings that I am going through right now with all the anxiety and especially the waiting is seems to be forever. Anyway tomorrow my family and I had to clean up the house a little bit before we leave the country. I still dunno what to pack but I guess it will be very little since there is lot of clothes already over there. So I wanted to inform earlier that I will not be around to update the blog for the moment until I found a suitable time to write. I want to wish all of you who have been supporting me a thousand thanks for me to reach this stage. I will bring more interesting stories in the future. Sayonara Bon Voyage


2 Respons to “Going back Home!”

  1. …amboi, excited macam nak kena nikah…anyway, see you in Hatyai…

  2. hahah.. woooo!! nak balik!!

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