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Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix

I dont know what to say about the new book that was released 4 days ago called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows but some people are willing to sleep outside in tents just to get in line to get the first copy. Its going to be huge since 140million dollars of copies are already sold.

The controversy in Malaysia happened recently when 4 of the bggest book store chains MPH, Popular, Times and Harris decided to pull Harry Potter off their shelves when hahaha Carrefour and also Tesco decided to sell the books for 69.60 ringgit.  Whereas they are selling the books for 109.90 ringgit. This is clearly an oligopoly practice guys so what if they want to sell it cheaper let them be. Now I want you guys to enjoy trailer that I posted here that just came out in cinemas worldwide. I heard Harry got to kiss a chinese kid  in this movie whatever!


Satu Respons to “Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix”

  1. dont really know about harry porter, but the local booksellers ass(ssociation) are bunch of sissies…i dont see any small time kedai runcit tokey doing the same protest when tesco or carrefour are selling rice, sugar and milk chepaer than them…

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