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Just arrived in U.A.E

hellooo marhaba! Last night I have never seen the highway to KLIA to be the worst road in my life. Its not that the condition is bad but because I’m going to the airport and going to leave the country makes me hate it so much huhuhuhu! I’ve spend two weeks back home and it feels like shit. Its not enough i am telling you. There is not enough time to do anything the time is so short. If only I could spend a month then it would be nice. Anyhow Im here now and as Im writing this I just woke up from a long sleep because of the jetlag which sucks. its like my whole body just climbed the mountain of everest or something so tired. I will write everyday insyallah if the internet in this hotel doesnt slow me down.thanks for everyone who has suported me see u tomorow


3 Respons to “Just arrived in U.A.E”

  1. pliz let me be the 1st 1 to comment this post of yours…
    woi…da sampe ke?da cukop tdo lom…
    ko nye blog nih takde msg2 cam dlm frenster ke?
    aku x yah login pon xpe ek?
    kalo ad priv8 matter nak diskuc same u, acamana?
    doesnt matter lah…
    anyway…got class now…

  2. kena log in la gak tapi takde hal nye.sini takde main msg2 semua clean n clear suci murni sila la comment lagi ye berjuang kehidupan terus asam garam heheheh merepek je

  3. kalau ade pape just email aku di yezza_bebeh@yahoo.com untuk private matter wokeh taking care

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