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Chelsea Premier League winning start


As the new season begins everyone must feel very anxious to see their favourite team to win their first game but not for Tottenham.  I saw the the second game against Everton and they really played a terrible game. A goal down just after 7 minutes  the game finished with 3-1 to Everton.However good news for Chelsea the new man Pizarro scored a beautiful goal from Shaun Wright pass. I really believed he could be the man to help Chelsea win the Premier and Champions leagues this season. With Malouda on the left and Joe or Shaun on the right I think Drogba can relax for a while. Every team must be afraid to face Chelsea for sure. Look at Man.U what happened to their new signings? Drawless start with Reading everyone must be furious and some left happy with that goalless game. So Sir Alex please do whatever you can to stop Chelsea from winning. I will review more games in the future insyallah and for all blues fans outhere dont worry if Ballack is still injured we still got makalele and mikel. true blue forever.


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