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City of Al- Ain My New Home

  my hotel

Today is my 4the day staying at this hotel and Im starting to get quiet boring. My routine is watch some football replay, read some local newspaper and ads, eat lunch, sleep again because the bed is so comfy and then went to the gym for workout and then to the pool. In the evening went out to look for take away or something and then hit some movies and back to sleep. It seems like never ending holiday and by tomorrow hopefully we got the car so that it is easier to get around. we are going to stay in this hotel for a while i think but moving into the new house by next week. so loads of work by then. The city is quiet interesting and seems to be easy to get around. However I will put some more information of the city for all of you who is interested since Im going to stay here.Futhermore I think Im going to like it here.They are not too many arabs here though lots of mat saleh and flipino. lucky i know filipino words such as garfu, pintu and thank you salamat! ok i will update more of my adventure sayonara!


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