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Chelsea vs Liverpool and Man Utd vs Man City

Its Supersunday tomorrow and its going to be a real fight between two local derby and also the giant team of premier league Chelsea and Liverpool.As u all know Man U will be without their super player (did I say super?) Ronaldo.He was given red car in the previous game and Sir Alex will have to play Heagreaves if my guess is right. But Man City will give all they can with their Italian striker and also their young keeper the son of Peter Schemecihael who played for Man U before this.Now it is his sons turn to shine and show what he is made of.For Chelsea its going to be revenge all the way since Liverpool win by luck through penalty in the knock out stage. With Pizarro and Drogba upfront its going to be easy as cake for Chelsea.For the rest hopefully Mikel and Lampard can work together because its going to be tough in the midfield especiall with Liverpool Babel. Anyway Im throwinh my money all the way for Chelsea cuz I know they are going to win tomorrow.


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