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Chelsea Draw to Liverpool,Beckham start in style

Some say it was very controversial game but I see nothing to it.They say Rob Styles made a mistake by giving a penalty to Chelsea but looking back twice there was a bit contact against Malouda. Well Rafa quit saying ur being robbed you sound very whimpy.Just accept the fact that Chelsea deserved a goal after lashes and lashes of attack being thrown at your home ground.You didnt make a single attack in the second half at all.We also hated when you surround a referee to take back their call, that is so Liverpool. For Beckham I saw the game last night between LA and New York in FOX sports. He started the game very well and got a goal when Beckham made a beautiful cross for a header in the top corner of the post. Beckham played well last night and provided three goals I think. However they lost to a late goal beaten 5-4. Cant wait to see u this week against Germany.

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Satu Respons to “Chelsea Draw to Liverpool,Beckham start in style”

  1. infortunately there was no contact at all..
    ive seen the replay many times..rob styles mad a mistake..but there was lot of fauls during the game..anyhow..chelsea deserve to draw with liverpool…

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