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Man U lost to Man City

I guess everyone must have lost their money and houses when they bet on Man u to win their local derby to Man City.They hold on to possession most of the time try to play some attractive football but in the end lost to a beautiful goal by a Brazilian Giovanni who curl a low shot in the left goal. Van de Sar was out of luck I guess. I was gripping the chair most of the time because I didnt want Man U to score. Im really proud of Man City keeper the son Peter SchMichael who played very well during the game and made very good decision .Ithink he is going to be great in the future.For Man Utd I think you got all your best player out there.Nobody was injured and yet you failed to score cmon Alex what happened?Now you know. Sven is on top of the table now with impressive three out of three start. I think every team has prepared and wanted to be in the top four this season. The big four will have to play their best if they want to qualify for the Champions League. Good Luck to all.

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