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Maria Sharapova dumped by Levine Maroon 5

The tennis star was dumped by the singer because she was dead frog on the bed.Levine said she was too quiet and never make any noise during %$#. The funny thing is when she is on court she shouted loud as ever. When he moaned about it she got was quiet angry and said it ruined her concenration. Anyway what is this guy talking about? He should be grateful to have her but instead moaned about it.What a dumbass. In my opinion she should be lucky the relationship nevr continued and be better without him , what a sicko!


8 Respons to “Maria Sharapova dumped by Levine Maroon 5”

  1. plz check ur spelling before submit..hehe

  2. Hehe. Aku setuju.

  3. who geiv a siht abuot spellnig, thsi is not an egnlsih calss. as lnog as we can raed waht you’re wirtnig, taht’ll do it…

  4. u honey, don’t even know what u r talking about! she can’t be sooo cold at bed!!! that would be dull, not only for adam, but for everybody else!!! i think it’s better that they broke up(he dumped her!!!hehe), because she was not the perfect match for him, as he is too handsome, and he doesn’t deserve a punishment like maria sharapova!!! hehe! $@%*&

  5. Excuse moi but Adam had to dump cos what kind of girl says shut up don’t moan,you’re gonna ruin my concentration during sex?????

  6. The picture of Maria Sharapova on this website is not one of her best pics! Do all of you really care what went on between them in bed. T o be honest, I think all you guys should go get a life, cause to me it looks like you all need one. Also your all a bunch of perevs
    who really cares if Maria Sharapova was “quite in bed”?! I don’t! Im happy for Adam no matter who he’s going out with and he’s a grate musival artist and I will forever love the band Maroon Five!

    I hope you guys go get lives, and get your head out of the clouds!


  7. I will scream for Adam if he wants it? 😛

  8. Can somebody tell me what a hell Maria Sharapova is?

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