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Germany 2 England 1 Robinson the cause

What a smartass to let an easy goal like that. What was he thinking? To go training everyday and practise to be englands no 1 keeper that is totally NOT what you are supposed to do. especially playing in your home ground. I have been telling close people years ago that England should kept David James to be Englands keeper.Just because he did not perform years ago doesnt mean he is not good at least not a fool and recently Mclaren seems to hear what I said in his dreams!. And this is what you get a stupid goal. David James I am totally right behind you. I dont care what colour is your hair but that is to distract strikers from scoring.Now we want to see you again in action. Go away Robinson we dont need you. My second choice for the keeper is Green who use to play for West Ham I dunno which team he is now but he is also good. Anyway Im leaving you some clip and You decide if Robinson sucks!


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