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U.S Open 2007


Its the fifth day of the U.S Open of 2007 and unfortunately I cant watch it.Im currently homeless now and once we got the house and settle down we are going to subscribe cable and watch it. dunno when its going to happen.Anyhow I heard many players have stumbled upon the way but there are still who is holding on.Maria Sharapova is the hot one right now who won here last year and also the defending cahmpion Roger Federer. Out of all this, this year is slightly different because former oldschool champion Andre Agassi has retired and not playing. A great loss. But my prediction this year would have to be Roger and also Andy Roddick. Andy seems to imroved his forehand a lot this year and hopefully this two is going to meet in the final. I saw some of the game preview in the news and his game is totally different. Cant wait for the final hopefully by then got to watch it in my new home.


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  1. hello ex-alkhuwairian, motor kau ramai potential buyer ni….amacam??

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