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Jo Wilfred Tsonga wins Nadal u lose

There has been many surprises of players getting through the next round during this major Open.But for now the spotlight is on a new comer a former junior US Open winner in 2005 who beat Bahgdatis.He is going to be in the final of the Australian Open.Tough luck for Nadal who had no excuses after the game.He has been playing the best game but beaten by a better contender.Tsonga who is just 22 is going to give all he got in the final and try to win it.But who he is going against is still unknown.Either Djokovic or Federer.Its going to be difficult but hey look at Nadal he lost so Federer might have trouble sleeping tonight.Djokovic who has been on top of his game is going to beat Federer. So lets have a change for the time being aye!


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