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Dubai Dessert Classic Tiger is coming


Tiger Woods won his 62 PGA titles in the Buick Invitational his 4th in a row from 2003.Just another few to match the great such as Jack and Harry Varden.But this week is going to be another championship in Dubai which Henrik Stenson will have to defend his title from the prowling Tiger.Its going to be difficult but Tiger’s confidence been lifted lately and dont think going to be such a big deal.

Its going to be sad because this year I was suppose to go and see Tiger in action but the change of plan had been done because Im not living in UAE anymore and actually its going to be a family trip with my brother,my late father and myself since we r so crazy about this game.My late faher who taught us the game had passed away last October and I will laways remember him.We had everything sorted out and planned this year but God knew things that we dont expect to happened.Im going to follow this game very intensely and hope that Tiger caught one of his kill once again.


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