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Golem in LOTR inspired from Jewish legend

I recently found out that Golem one of the character in Lord of the Ring is came from the same word Golem in one of Jewish legend.In Jewish history,Golem is a manmade monster made from clay or mud and summoned to by the rabbi to protect the Jewish people from this one bad emperor in Prague during medieval time.Since Hollywood is run by Zionis people so it already expected they will put some Jewish claims of  righteousness or whatever they want to influence our mind subconsciously. For us lets just enjoy the movie.Even Gandalf look like chief of all rabbi in that movie.Well to be uncertain the Golem some say is still in Prague and can be summoned anytime the Jews wanted.HUHUHU so scary.Well for me if u notice the Golem from the movie look like an old Jew full of trickery and mischiefs plans behind that ugly brain of his.That what matters.So Jew lookalike. Well if u want to know more about this giant Jew legend just type golem in google.


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