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Tiger Woods leads in second round

Cmon Tiger pairing up with someone ranked 300th something in the third round?Guess what he is Irish. Hopefully he is not going to spoil Tigers A-game because that is what players will feel like playing with someone below average.Shortly after finishing his round someone asked Tiger and told him who he will teed of tomorrow.Tiger said he only knew that this guy is an Irish and tats it.hahahah.Tiger talking big? You can when u got 13 majors in your bag huhuhu. I feel a little down and bad because today is the 100th day that my fahter passed away and when he told me that we r going to see Tiger this year at Dubai Creek I really cant believed my ears.But we cant challenged fate and may his soul R.I.P.I love u father and its hard when we share lot of passion during our time together.watching these events makes me sad but remembering you is all I can do.


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