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Tiger wins Dubai Dessert Classic Open


A threatening final day comes from big Ernie who played the game so well through the first nine but somehow didnt make through.Tiger who played B minus game on his third day did all he can on the final round even though he was 4 shots behind.I was fortunate to see the final birdie on the last hole that helps him to get to 14 under.Ernie Els who tried to catch up felt he nee to go big but somehow the scoreboard that shown Tigers score must have gave him a pale face and trying too much.

How I wish I was there to see and share that great moment which will go down in history for his 2nd win there.Tiger ur my man mybe if one day i got the chance and see u again in action that day will be remembered.To see his pics click below


2 Respons to “Tiger wins Dubai Dessert Classic Open”

  1. ya sheikh, apa khabar…still alive…salallah aliawasallam…salallah ala muhammad…

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