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Capello axe Beckham again


What the fukk is going on?Cmon Capello u need Beckham in your squad.The reason he went and quit Real Madrid because u didnt let him played u idiotos.Now once again u didn want him in your team.Ok fine but believed me u are making a big mistake.A lot of defenders when the had to play against England felt that Beckham was a real threat and scared what kind of ball he is going to put in the box.Why cant u just see what impact David had on his opponents.Beckham when asked what he felt about Capello decision he said he totally respected the old man and fitness is a major decision to play for England.Relax man everyone knows that Beckham could earned his 100th cap if he played tomorrow but really Capello think he knows everything.Well gud luck in ur first game old man.


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