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FAM working with FIFA

At last somebody realized that Malaysian football is under average or should I say the most humiliatingly country to play football in this millennium age.With advanced sports centre, top of the world coaches,full facilities to train what is going on with our football performance. The Asian Cup which held recently saw Malaysia beaten by Uzbekistan 5-0.Can somebody explained that?

Our humid weather,small physical size and the craziness culture about football had no big or slight differences with other humid countries such as BRAZIl or Chile or Paraguay or Mexico.But what is wrong with our national team.ArGHhhhhhhhh!

It is still a big mystery surrounding our team on when are we going to qualify ourselves to the next world cup and we will wonder if it will ever going to be a reality or just a dream that floats in every Malaysian.I am going to talk about this more since from now on FAM will  be collaborating with FIFa to upgrade our football


Satu Respons to “FAM working with FIFA”

  1. main konda kondi je sheikh…

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