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Heath Ledger dies

Heath Ledger was found dead in his New York apartment just six weeks before finishing The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.First they tried to ring his mobile. When they got no reply they knocked on his door.They then went into his room to wake him at 3.15pm and Wolozin set up her massage table believing he was asleep.Wolozin gently tried to wake him then began shaking him as she realised he was unconscious.Oddly, his masseuse chose to ring film star MARY-KATE OLSEN first, to tell her Heath wasn’t responding – and she sent her bodyguards to help.The masseuse then rang emergency services at 3.25pm and they gave her resuscitation instructions. Paramedics arrived shortly after but failed to revive Heath.

His masseuse said: “I am really stressed-out. I cannot sleep. It is just awful.”

Aussie model SOPHIE WARD revealed that Heath had also been distraught over his split from Michelle and desperately missed their little girl over Christmas.

But the family denies that it was suicidebecause the police found sleeping pills next to his bed.Poor Heath he misses his family so much and the split with Michelle stresses him.For all we know he was a good actor and the BrokebackMountain movie could be one of his greatest


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