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Illinois College Shooting


A student killed six other students and injured many more before killing himself.The unidentified 27-year-old man grew up in the Chicago suburbs and was enrolled as a graduate student at another state school far removed from the site of Thursday’s bloodbath at Northern Illinois University, the Chicago Tribune reported.

This was the latest shooting after the deadliest rampage of Virginia Tech in Virginia which saw 32 murdered including the shooter killing himself.

And of course my personal opinion on this.All killing and violence seems to be a dilemma for higher instituions in America where violence is the only way out for student to release their anger on somethnig or maybe the teachers are so strict and acting to hard on them.So what are the police going to do about this.Beside searching for motifs how are they going to prevent somethng like this from happenng again.The 27 year old who did this seems to be a bright and good student who had deans list on his cv.So why did he do all this.He never had any physicological problems in his life so could it be some emotional problem with his friends gf or mybe his lecturers.This is not an issue to where it could lead to more big issues but if u scope it down its just the influence he got from previous cases where killing seems to be an enjoyable moment and the only resolution to give up and be satisfied.Influence by Virginia Tech could be it but gun control in America could also be it.So think about it wanna go to school now?


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  1. ..sick people living in a sick society……….

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